Best Places to Play Poker Without a Download

Some of us just don’t like downloading software to our computers. It could be a matter of memory space, a fear of viruses or the fact that you aren’t on your own computer. At the same time the urge to play online poker can strike any time. Here are few reputable sites that offer instant poker play without the software download.


Absolute Poker:


After some recent controversy regarding the security of their site and software, the folks at Absolute Poker poker have made some major changes. They offer a no download option on their online casino which reduces any concerns regarding their software. Realistically, all the scrutiny is a guarantee that things are beyond secure these days and the site is a great place to play without downloading.

Absolute Poker’s instant play offers both single and multiple player options. It’s the same as being connected to the main site without the download requirement. The main difference is you can play on any browser or PC with your existing account without having to redownload the software.

Party Poker:

Another well known online casino, Party Poker also offers the no download option to their members and non members alike. The issues I see with the instant play option at Party Poker are they don’t currently support Windows 7. As the OS is still pretty new I guess that’s to be expected and it won’t be long before the change is made. The instant play is available only on Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari which is okay for most of us but for those who use another browser it could be a problem.

Party Poker is pretty up front about the difference between their downloaded and instant play poker versions. Obviously the downloaded version offers better graphics, more comprehensive play and better customizing options.  It’s a great on the go option from a reputable site.

Pacific Poker:

A popular site for the no download option and a pretty reputable place for those in the know, Pacific Poker has been the favorite of the instant player for quite some time. Pacific Poker is ideal for Mac users who have problem with other sites and those still living with a dial up connection. Clicking on the instant play link opens an entirely new browser window which is perfect for those who like to multi task. You can split screen the action and get on with other things at the same time as you play. You still have to register for the site but there is no downloading and you can enjoy that feeling of instant gratification.

And that’s always a plus right?